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My little drawings from over the years
I'm still just learning, so I'm not perfect :meow:

I'm 100% open for art trades though! //)3(\\

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Colored Digital Drawing (w/o or simple background)
Cheerno by Yoshilove9
Peekaboo by Yoshilove9
My Name is Doppio! by Yoshilove9
A fully-colored digital drawing with no background or a simple background 




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United States
I'm Anna, but you can call me Sol, or Yoshi, or whatever kind of nickname you want (I really don't care, if you called me 'fork' I'd probably respond xD)
I'm hopelessly obsessed with Touhou, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and Mother/Earthbound. I also may listen to Queen way too much ^^;
I also like many other animes/video games/cartoons/other things as you may see xD

I guess that's all for now !! ! :iconyaayplz:


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Mother3 Wes Dance Stamp by HentekoMekuraMother3 Wes Dance Stamp by HentekoMekuraMother3 Wes Dance Stamp by HentekoMekuraMother3 Wes Dance Stamp by HentekoMekuraMother3 Wes Dance Stamp by HentekoMekuraMother3 Wes Dance Stamp by HentekoMekuraMother3 Wes Dance Stamp by HentekoMekuraMother3 Wes Dance Stamp by HentekoMekuraMother3 Wes Dance Stamp by HentekoMekuraMother3 Wes Dance Stamp by HentekoMekuraMother3 Wes Dance Stamp by HentekoMekuraMother3 Wes Dance Stamp by HentekoMekuraMother3 Wes Dance Stamp by HentekoMekuraMother3 Wes Dance Stamp by HentekoMekuraMother3 Wes Dance Stamp by HentekoMekuraMother3 Wes Dance Stamp by HentekoMekuraMother3 Wes Dance Stamp by HentekoMekuraMother3 Wes Dance Stamp by HentekoMekuraMother3 Wes Dance Stamp by HentekoMekuraMother3 Wes Dance Stamp by HentekoMekuraMother3 Wes Dance Stamp by HentekoMekuraMother3 Wes Dance Stamp by HentekoMekuraMother3 Wes Dance Stamp by HentekoMekuraMother3 Wes Dance Stamp by HentekoMekura
My plz accounts;
My sis: :iconxsummergirl4235x:
My cousins: :iconcuttlefish43::iconswirly1213:
My eternal partner in crime/broski for eternity: :iconloafie1016:



Kooms by Yoshilove9
Sadly I'm right near the tail end (finishing up chapter 7 ;; ) of Mother 3 ;u; (what will I do with my plant-like-life when I finish xD) 
I'm stalling getting any farther 'cause you see its that I want to beat it so I can finally be able be complete ;u; but then it's like I've played all three of these game non-stop since November and I'll probably be sad when I'm all done ;v;v; 
So now I'm just drawing a bunch cause I don't wanna finish D : 
Here have a Kumatora though cause she is absolutely fab ouo I spent a good few hours on this whoops
I actually feel this turned out somewhat like what it looked like in my mind whoa

Kumatora and Mother (c) Shigesato Itoi
The Professor's Apprentice by Yoshilove9
The Professor's Apprentice
so yesterday I played this Professor Layton game for like six hours straight oop 
see it's cause when I went to New Orleans my pal let me borrow it (Professor Layton and the Unwound Future) and I've been trying to finish Mother 3 a lot, but I got stuck on a boss and thought *LETS TAKE A SMALL BREAK AND PLAY THIS LITTLE GAME FOR LIKE A HALF HOUR* then (eight hours later) 
I swear omf 
This game is really addicting though it hurts and the artwork and such are pretty fab 
not to mention Luke is the little fab satchel boy 
Okay I need to stop and go finish Mother ;u; 

Professor Layton (c) Akihiro Hino

big trash bag full of tumblr and unfinished things by Yoshilove9
big trash bag full of tumblr and unfinished things
OKAY ive had way too many things pent up on my computer from tumblr, twitter, etc and also unfinished things so i thought id compile a bunch OKAY
so i guess i gotta explain it all now hahahaa here we go *bear with me*

okay so along the top
The first picture- I'd always loved Diego and Hot Pants, and I called HP the '#1 nun' once and I could see that on a mug and pfpfpff oh no
The second picture on the top (and third)- A prompt on twitter for drawing jojo things was 'vocaloid' and I absolutely know nothing about vocaloid (im sorry Kris xD) but I could not pass up omf)
The fourth picture on the top- It was Friday and I had like nothing to do and I was almost all finished getting caught up on the anime so i was thinking LETS DRAW SOME BABY CRUSADERS HAHAA *TEARS OVERFLOW*
The fifth picture on the top- A response to a tumblr ask when me and this anon were joking about if Unzan was Ichirin's stand ahaha
The top-right corner- Some characters I made up a long time ago that never see the light of day (ahah whoops) that I felt the urge to draw
Far left- Dio, Speedy, and Zep ... Out of context this makes no sense but i have writers block haha whoooops
Second (upper) - It was Joseph/Buccelati's birthday (its funny its the same day) and I wanted to quickly draw something cause theyre two of my favorite characters
Second (lower) (all those lil drawings)- a bunch of drawings i had to make of characters i made for game design class eeehehe
Third- I wanted to try drawing backgrounds so i mustered some of that weird stuffs i learned in sixth grade and drew britain hahaha (i was gonna add something to it i just forgot oop)
fourth- Jolyne that I drew many moons ago ouo 
Far right- Okay I drew this probably more than a few moons ago and never finished (it was one of the first things i drew with manga studio) which is Caesar covered in flowers ;v;v; me kokoro
Far left (upper)- Really old drawing of Eiki (whoops) I actually really still like how it looks but its in kind of an old style so it would be difficult to go back and finish it ;u;
Far left (lower) - One time me and my sister were joking around and came to the consensus of 'I DONT HAVE FRECKLES- I AM FRECKLES' and this was born
Second- I'm right at the tail end of Mother 3 now, but I drew this Kumatora back when I was on like chapter 2 or something whoops
Third- Another jojo 69 minute prompt for twitter i forgot the prompt but I really wanted to draw Mariah cause shes fab
Fourth- An old and rather sloppy drawing of Kanako ;u; 
Far right- SPEEDY WITH PIGTAILS WHAHAHA *another thing for 69 min prompt which was pigtails*
Far left- ouo ouuo i don't need to give explanation once upon a time i wanted to write but i had writers block and was overtired
Second- Another drawing of this child for game design class (I dubbed her Sal haha so clever) 
Third- A drawing of a bunch of the part 6 people that only reached the sketch stage whoops
Fourth- SON
Far right- A response to an ask on tumblr (because merry and renko are adorable haahh)
Far left- Yet another 60 minute prompt (The first one i ever did in fact) theme was shopping and omf i had too much fun drawing koichi in a shopping cart what are my priorities
Second- A drawing for a pal since I sometimes will interfere in the RP's of him and some of my other pals oop
Third- Very very old drawing .. I actually had it done but didn't save (it included Chaka and everything pffpf) so I just drew a mustache on Youmu and left it 
Far right- EVEN SPEEDY IS SUGOI (i also had this nearly finished but i never save my drawings heeehh ^^; *sob*)
SIXTH ROW LETS GO (heres where it starts to get jumbled whoops)
Far (far far) left (its tiny look closely) - so i was trying to make a point to a friend about Wriggle *SHES NOODLING*
Second- Jacuzzi, SON
Third - tiny Jonathan pls protect at all costs 
Fourth- I drew this almost a year ago while I was still reading part 4 (during like July whoops) I was gonna put Crazy Diamond in the background but I was too lazy so its forever just  Josuke going WHATD YOU SAY ABOUT MY HAIR 
Fifth (upper) - DIOS MIO (hah i needta watch more nichijou)
Fifth (lower) - part of a sorta-comic thing for a tumblr response (im just obsessed with this picture though because i was super overtired and drawing that tiny suwako peeping and kanakos cards had me crying from laughter omf) D E A T H A P P R O A C H E S
Sixth- Suwako that I drew in like 10 minutes i dunno i was warming up before drawing something else
Far right (upper)- Jo(2)uke and Yasuho are just too cute and it hurts me omf I just know Araki will probably kill off either Yasuho or Gappy at some point cause he never lets things go perfectly *sniff*
Far right (lower) - Procrastinating doing homework haha
OKAY as you can see between lines six and seven a trillion tiny Sanaes, you're welcome :dummy:
SEVENTH ROW (finally) 
Far left (plus the next two)- A response on tumblr when me and my buddy were joking about how Yukari just wants a quiet life and how she uses gaps to pretend shes carrying around severed hands (aka one of those things you just have too much fun with oop)
Next to that- One day I went and drew Koichi like 50 times and I just 
Far right- I actually drew this for Valentine's Day (Nyo-ho the puns never end) recently but I was too lazy to finish it in time (I might finish it some other time though ha) 

I'm sorry I've been so busy friends ;u; I promise once I get caught up on homework I'll draw a bunch ^^; (Sorry I haven't really been active period, oop) 

Touhou (c) ZUN
JoJo (c) Araki
Mother (c) Itoi
Baccano! (c) Narita
Nichijou (c) That person (one sec ill look it up) KEIICHI ARAWI (yes yes)

Wow this is like dominated by Jojos omf whoops
Rumia Headcanon Time !!! by Yoshilove9
Rumia Headcanon Time !!!
oh wow
so Ive been lookin at my drawings and such and i realize that I accidentally draw everyone with the same face whoops time to fix that
so its time for headcanoning things ! yay!
so heres mostly how I picture rumia
(if you can read my handwriting haha have fun) 

Rumia (c) ZUN 
Snow Pals by Yoshilove9
Snow Pals
it took me like two and a half weeks wow (it took like three months to beat the first game ;v; ) 
Lookat these babies though pfpfpfffft 
and i attempted to draw a background for once hahaa  (this was sposed to just be a lil doodle but nooo now i had to go and spend multiple hours on it) 
(HALF THE TIME WAS DEDICATED TO COLORING TREES I am never drawing trees again you can't make me hehehahahah)

Jeff, Tony, Earthbound (c) Nintendo
(onto Mother 3 now here we go) 

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Eyy everyone !!! I'm sorry I haven't really been active (save for some little drawings and mother spam hahh) So don't be startled if you have a reply that's one something that's like a week old hahh oop
I've got a week left of Winter Break, but I'm going north for most of this week where there's no wifi, so I might not be on for a while ^^; whoops 
I really should be working on a thing for Game Design class, I got about a two week period before the semester ends to complete a whole game hahh oh noes D: 
I've been sick all week which kinda sucks cause all through Christmas with all the hugs and the fact that my neck like dies whenever I move it is kinda horrible ^^
Oh, and the demo for Touhou 14.5 came out!!! So happy ;v;v;v;v; So Kasen's a playable character, which is a huge thing as she's never been in a game, she's only been in the comics ;v;v; so that's fab, and the gameplay (in my opinion) is much smoother and easier to control than how it was in 13.5 (Yay!) So now I'm pretty excited for the full version to come out, to see the full extent of everyone that's in it (Rinnosuke go) 
Oh and in February I'm gonna be gone for another week as our marching band is goin to New Orleans (yayy no school (booo catching up) However the normal season is way past so now I have much more free time (I saw Heidi put up a link to hers so here's our marching band in case you're curious - [link] (It's music of Earth, Wind, and Fire heehehe)) 
except for the topic of ski team
ski team practice is 2 hours four days a week ouch so that's taking up a lot of time (I actually am going to practice in about an hour oh noes) 
But ski team is over by the end of February I think? So after that then I literally have nothing except for drama club wooo
So yeah, Happy New years to everyone too! (Time to go get distracted by playing more mother woops) 
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  • Listening to: Pollyanna (Mother OST)
  • Watching: Judge Judy
  • Playing: Mother
  • Eating: Chocolate

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